Friday, November 27, 2009

Shabbat Shalom Yo!

So tonight is the beginning of Shabbat, which is the Jewish sabbath, so I thought what better time to introduce you to my blog than tonight. And Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyones was as wonderful as mine. The company of friends is truly something you can't buy.

This is my blog about my recent decision to convert to Judaism and the process of my conversion. I had never thought about being a Jew, I have believed in G-d for a long time but have never found a faith that really suited my need or beliefs. I feel like I have searching for a faith for a while, researching Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam, but I didn't find one that really spoke to me. I was pretty much in agreement with myself that religion just maybe wasn't for me. So I took a world religions class this semester as a last resort i guess, weather I would find something or be pushed farther away from religion I didn't know. As the semester progressed I was leaning towards the latter, until we began the chapter on Judaism. Reading through the chapter everything made sense, and actually many of the beliefs I already held correlated almost directly ( there is a G-d, G-d is omnipresent, everything is interconnected through G-d). So I decided to do my site visit report on a Shabbat service at the Central Reform Congregation. It just so happened that my History professor is a member, which made me feel pretty comfortable from the beginning. I was greeted by a woman named Rody, who could tell I was there observing, she sat down with me and made me feel extremely welcome and explained what would be going on through out the evening. Observing the traditions that have endured for three thousand years, and the sense of community present in the building spoke to me and I knew this is where I was supposed to be.

So this is about where I'm at. I've been attending temple every week since, and I have a meeting with Maggie on Monday to discuss my conversion. I hope this okay, it's my first blog, and those of you that know me know that I speak much better through an instrument than with words. Shabbat Shalom!

P.S.- This need no explanation


  1. Patrick.
    We are holding on tight, for what sounds like a Wonderful Ride!

  2. Go Pat! You have my love and support!!